Bush Survival - Using Kahoot to Create a DLO

Emily is a Year 8 student at Yaldhurst Model School.  As part of the William Pike Challenge, Emily had to spend a day learning how to survive in the woods.  Emily had to create a Digital Learning Object to share her learning.  In her blogpost Emily tells us about how she chose to present her learning through creating a Kahoot Quiz for other students in her class.  One problem Emily came across was when it came to sharing her Kahoot Quiz on her blog.  As Emily had signed up for Kahoot under her email/password it recognised that she was under 16.  Kahoots policy doesn't allow users under 16 to make their Kahoots public.  Good to remember if you are wanting to use Kahoot within your learning environment.  An idea maybe to set up an account under a room email address.   Emily was happy for me to use some screenshots of her Kahoot so you can read her questions and see if you are able to find the right answers.

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