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Ashley is a year 5/6 teacher at Tamaki Primary School and is part of the 2016/17 cohort of the Manaiakalani Digital Teachers Academy.  Ashley has taken a deep look at the Manaiakalani recommendation that teachers include more critical literacy in their programmes.  These recommendations have come through from the Woolf Fisher Research undertaken, you can read the executive summary here.

In this blogpost Ashley shares what the recommendation includes and what she aims to include in her writing programme to focus on these.  Ashley then shares the strategies she used for the teaching and learning and the workflow they went through learning together.  Ashley's blogpost is a powerful example of reflecting on teaching practice, implementing good teacher practice to fit the research and reflecting again on how the process went.  A great blogpost for all teachers to read and unpack.

It is great to see the photos and the video clips the students have created to share their learning.

If using film to motivate writing interests you, check out Sandy Lagitupu's 2016 Spark Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher Inquiry.  Sandy's inquiry was based on the question: How to use film to improve writing achievements for students?  Sandy's has shared her inquiry findings at ULearn in Rotorua, with her teaching team and has now created a video clip enabling it to be shared wider.  In the movie Sandy shares the results from the easTTLe writing data.  It was awesome to see the shifts for learners!  Remember to leave both Ashley and Sandy comments on their blogposts.  

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