Our Responsibility to the Planet

Room 9 - year 5 and 6 students - at Waikowhai Primary have been learning about being responsible for the planet as part of their inquiry.  The students watched a YouTube clip, Our Future, narrated by Morgan Freeman which promoted lots of discussions and in Drama looked at what it means to be green.    As part of their learning they have created quick skits acting out ways they could be responsible for the planet. Videoing these clips has made their learning rewindable and given them a starting point as they being to develop their skills in producing plays.  They are able to look back on their initial quick skits and give each other feedback as they continue to improve.  Head on over to their class blog and check out their skits.

Green Screening our Pepeha at Ohaeawai School

Learners in Room 5 and 6 at Ohaeawai School have had the opportunity to create their Pepeha using the Green Screen with the iPad app DoInk.   You will read in their blogpost that they have been practising different parts of their pepeha as well as learning to ask and answer questions in Te Reo Māori.  They see this as a great opportunity for rewindable learning as they will be able to revisit their pepeha and continue to build their Te Reo Māori skills.  I am sure others will learn from them too.  They have show cased creative presentation of their pepeha.  A great blogpost to share with students and teachers.

Head over to their class blog and give them some positive, thoughtful, helpful comments on their green screening.

Narrative Writing - Partly Cloudy

Chelsea is a Year 6 student at Lake Brunner School, part of the Toki Pounamu cluster in  Greymouth. Chelsea has been working on writing a narrative story and has chosen to use The Literacy Shed as inspiration.   Chelsea has been creative in sharing her narrative writing through creating a video clip of herself reading out her story alongside the text and pictures.  Head on over to Chelsea's individual blog and check out her video.  Remember to leave Chelsea a positive, thoughful, helpful comment.  A great example to share with both teachers and learners to encourage telling stories in creative ways.   You may also like to check out how +Sarah Jakeway has presented all of her learners narratives on her class blog.

Could we live on another planet? Visible Teaching and Planning

Rata Hub are a year 4/5 class at Gilberthorpe School in our Uru Mānuka cluster.  Their inquiry has focussed on space and their main question has been 'Could we live on another planet?'.  The planning for this inquiry has been shared by their teachers on their class blog.  It is a great example of visible teaching using the pedagogy of Learn, Create, Share.   This would be perfect to share with teachers new to planning in a 1-1 digital learning environment.  

Making Music with Galilee

Galilee learners are Year 4-8 at St Patricks School in Greymouth.  They have been trying out their creative skills through music making and writing lyrics for their songs based around their term theme, Journeys.  They have tried out a variety of apps and have created some awesome songs.  Check out Tom and Brian's songs on their class blog - one created online (using Soundation Studio) and one using a 'traditional' guitar, recorded with Screencastify.

Times Table Song - Learn, Create, Share the 8 x table

Jaydn is a Year 7 student at Point England School.  Jaydn has been learning the 8 x table and has created a song to support their learning.  In Jaydn's blogpost he shares what he has created with Garageband and a microphone...  A great exemplar for other learners and teacher to showcase different ways of presenting learning and another way of creating a rewindable learning experience. True creativity through song.

'Hello this is my song that I have created so if you like songs and you are struggling with some of your times tables like your 8 times tables,then you should listen to this.This song is my 8 times tables song that I created ENJOY.'

Once you have listened to Jaydn's times table song it would be well worth looking at the planning process of his teacher - Rob Wiseman through his Manaiakalani Google Classroom onAir lesson plan.  This link takes you to Rob's detailed planning, a video clip of the lesson, Rob's reflections, the content shared on the class learning site as well as other examples of student learning.  

Creating Accessible Links - Visible Teaching and Learning

Sue Glen @ Kumara School has created an innovative way for her learners to share learning with her - the digital hand in folder.  From her class Google Site learners have direct access to their 'File Cabinet'.  The blogger logo takes them straight to their individual blog whilst the folder logo takes them to a Google Spreadsheet.  The Google Spreadsheet gives each learner a sheet to paste in the links to their learning for Sue to access.   Once the students have copied in their link, it is able to be colour coded - red = ready for feedback - orange = feedback received - green = work complete.  This could be a great tip for other teachers who are looking for succinct ways for digital hand in.  Here is the link to a viewable copy of the File Cabinet that can be copied.