Bush Survival - Using Kahoot to Create a DLO

Emily is a Year 8 student at Yaldhurst Model School.  As part of the William Pike Challenge, Emily had to spend a day learning how to survive in the woods.  Emily had to create a Digital Learning Object to share her learning.  In her blogpost Emily tells us about how she chose to present her learning through creating a Kahoot Quiz for other students in her class.  One problem Emily came across was when it came to sharing her Kahoot Quiz on her blog.  As Emily had signed up for Kahoot under her email/password it recognised that she was under 16.  Kahoots policy doesn't allow users under 16 to make their Kahoots public.  Good to remember if you are wanting to use Kahoot within your learning environment.  An idea maybe to set up an account under a room email address.   Emily was happy for me to use some screenshots of her Kahoot so you can read her questions and see if you are able to find the right answers.

Coding with Scratch Junior

Karen Belt and her year 3 learners at Pt England School have been exploring coding with the Scratch Jnr App on their iPads.  They used Scratch Jnr as a tool to share the stories they had written in a creative way.  The students drew the backgrounds and characters for their stories and set about coding their stories!  Check out their coding and their stories on their class blog.  You can also scroll through their individual blogs to see more of their coding creations.  Great examples of coding with our early learners in an authentic way.  A good post to share with junior teachers utilising iPads to support learning.

Credit - +Karen Belt 

Math Strategy Challenges

Teachers at Hay Park School have introduced math strategy challenges as part of their learning. The challenge for each student is to choose a math problem from a list and to create a multi-modal presentation about the best maths strategy that could be used to solve the problem.

Game on!

Gargee, Paris and Kanishka are Year 4 students in Setoga Class.  They have used their digital skills to create a game using Google Drawing.  You will see by checking out their game, they have also used their skills in Screencastify to explain the game and their strategy in a visual way.

You can also check out Jay's presentation that he delivered to his class and hear the feedback he was given throughout on his game.  This presentation has been shared on their class blog.

These are great examples of getting creative in math learning in designing high quality digital learning objects to share.

Credit - +Christina Fortes +Phil Margetts

Fai malaga - The Journey

Izac, Toma and Collin, Year 8 students in Room 3 at Pt England School, have created an incredible Digital Learning Object to share a very special part of their learning journey at Pt England School.  Fai malaga means to make a journey and in this animation/video clip, Izac, Toma and Collin talk us through the way their ancestors used the stars to navigate their waka.  We then get a glimpse of the 'stars' that have navigated them through their years at school.  A very powerful and Digital Learning Object that shows the creativity and innovation of our Manaiakalani learners.

Credit - +Andrea Tele'a

Creating Digital Learning Objects - Measurement and Volume

Jessie and Abby are students in Ruma Rua at Kaniere School, part of the Toki Ponamu cluster on the West Coast.  They have been learning about measurement and volume and have created a digital learning object to share their learning with others on their class blog.  This is a great example of sharing math learning in a creative way and would be good to share with both teachers and learners new to a 1-1 learning environment.  This example can support thinking and inspire others as they explore how to be creative in making digital learning objects.

Credit - +Jenny Barrow 

Let's go on Tour - Visible Teaching

In this blogpost, Karen Ferguson, a Design and Visual Communication teacher at Tamaki College, takes you on a tour of her class learning site.  A great example to share with Secondary School teachers for inspiration and to build their understanding around the why, how and what of a Visible Teaching Site.  This would also be useful for parents/whānau to develop their knowledge of utilising their child's class learning site as a window into their learning and assessments.

Learning about Direction and Angles through Coding

Room 7 students at Pt England School have been lucky enough to trial Sphero to support their math learning.  They have been learning about directions and angles through coding using an iPad app called 'Lightning Lab.'  Check out the video they have created and shared on their class blog that shows Sphero and their learning in action.  Love the mathematical conversations between students throughout video. A great way to get creative and collaborative with math learning.