Magic School Bikes

Te Maunga are Year 1 and 2 students at Ohaeawai School, part of the Kaikohekohe cluster in Tai Tokerau.  Te Maunga have been very creative with utilising their school bikes as part of a movie to  share their learning around their inquiry topic - Up, Up and Away.  On their class blogpost you can read about their learning process and watch their exciting video clip.  A great example of green screening and movie making to share learning in a different way. 

Our Native Birds - Learn, Create, Share with the Mannequin Challenge

Pohatu Class are Year 4 to 6 learners at Hay Park School, part of the Ako Hiko cluster in Auckland.  The tamariki have been learning about our New Zealand native birds and have decided to share their learning in a unique way.  The Mannequin Challenge has been a popular phenomenon of late and they have used this concept to share their fun facts about our New Zealand native birds.  It's great to read in their blogpost that they have sought permission for the music they have used to back their movie and credited the musician Alex Smith.   Check out their movie on their class blog.  A great inspiration for teachers and learners wanting to explore new ways of being creative in sharing their learning.

Credit - +Christina Fortes 

Math Challenge with Tynkercad

Amie is a Year 6 learner from Waikowhai Primary.  In Amie's blogpost she talks about how the senior students from Te Waka Ako have worked together on a math challenge using Tynkerkad.  The challenge involved designing a playground for the juniors.  Amie has reflected on her learning with Tynkercad and created a screencastify for a virtual tour of her playground.   A great example of authentic math learning and working on a real life problem at their school.


Credit - Amie @ Waikowhai +Matt Riceman

We will, we will ROUND you - Learning Math through Song

The year 5 and 6 students in Room 5 at Tautoro School have been using their place value knowledge to understand how to round to tidy numbers.  They have learnt to round to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, whole and tenth.  To share their learning of these mathematical concepts they have used the power of song and dance and had fun being creative!  You can check out their two video clips on their class blog.  You can also head over to Kohl-lee's individual blog to check out her Rounding DLO.  Great blogposts to show teachers and learners ways of learning and sharing math in creative ways.

Link to Class Blog

Credit - +Lana Giesbers , Kohl-lee and the Room 5 groovers!

The Power of Student Voice - Sharing Important Messages

The Year 5/6 learners at Papakura Central School have been working in small groups to put together their creative and powerful messages to stop verbal bullying.  They have collated what they have done in their groups and come up with a whole class collaboration.  Incredible messages and great team work Room 7 learners.   Head on over to their class blog and be inspired by their work.  A great blogpost to share with other learners and inspire them to share their important messages in powerful ways.

Credit +Marissa Paniora, Jordan and the students of Room 7

Maths meets Minecraft

The innovative learners of Room 22 at Owairaka District School have applied their passion for Minecraft to their maths learning and come out with something absolutely fantastic! Tying the whole concept to the fast approaching whole-school production of "Mindcraft" (no, it's not a typo), students have been investigating the relationships between area and perimeter, wrapped around the creation of 2D Minecraft characters.

As an activity, the learners are hooked. The simplicity of design is complimented by the complexity of the mathematical concepts working alongside this new thinking.

There's a clear focus on operation and breaking the compound shapes into simpler, more manageable chunks.

Head on over to Room 22's class blog to have a look at the huge number of examples on display. Watch this space as students reflect and share their thinking and learning on their own blogs (directly linked on the right hand side).

Don't forget to leave them a comment and start a great conversation!

Credit - +Nicole Mills 

Rapping the School Values @ Kawakawa

The year 6, 7 and 8 students in Room 6 at Kawakawa School have been unpacking their school values - Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.  They have chosen different ways to share their thinking around the school values.  A group of boys have decided to share their thinking through composing and delivering a rap in true rap style!  This is a great example of Learn, Create, Share around an authentic context that meets the differing learning style of students.  The opportunity for choice and creativity has shown motivation and engagement.  Head on over to their class blog to give them some feedback.

Credit  +Jess Baker

Te Karere o Tautoro

The incredibly talented and created Year 6, 7 and 8 students of Tautoro School have put together a news item in Te Reo Māori.  They have shared the story of their Tupuna, Maui and how he fished up the North Island of New Zealand in a very creative way using a variety of techniques.  Check out their news item - Te Karere o Tautoro and make sure you leave them a positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.  I am impressed that they have used Te Reo Māori but have given english subtitles as well. A lot of work across a huge variety of curriculum areas within this activity.

Credit +Tracey Simeon

Crazy Critters Alliteration at Ohaeawai School

Team Awa, Year 3 an 4 learners at Ohaeawai School, have been creative with alliteration.  They have been reading a big book 'The Crazy Critters Cooking Convention' which is full of great examples of alliteration.  They have worked collaboratively to create their own alliteration story based on the same theme of critters.  They have used Google Slides to put together their story and then Screencastify to add their voices reading out their story.  Check out both the Year 3 and Year 4 stories on their class blog.  Great examples of collaborative creativity.

Credit - +Alicia Craig

Story Telling with Puppet Pal

The year 1 and 2 learners at Ohaeawai School have been working with 2 olders students to create their stories with Puppet Pals.  They have been working hard to increase their reading fluency and to read with expression.  Check out their Puppet Pal stories - Help Me and the Little Red Hen - on their class blog.  A great example for teachers using iPads in their classes to support the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy.

Class Blog

Puppet Pal for iPad
Credit + Kariene Gardner

Holiday Recount Writing through Google Maps

Year 5 and 6 students at Kawakawa School have used Google Maps as a tool to share their holiday recount writing.  You can check out where they went on their holiday through the map as well as read their story by clicking on the pointer.  Students have been able to add images to their stories as well as their text.  A great example of using Google Maps in a different way and providing another opportunity to Learn, Create, Share using the Google Suite of tools.  Check out their map on their class blog and be inspired by their stories.

Credit - +Sally Chatfield

Caring for the Environment

Year 5 and 6 Waitemata learners at Waikowhai School have combined inquiry, drama and technology to create and share their inquiry around the environment.  They have explored using green screening for the first time and have come up with a very creative and engaging video clip which is shared on their class blog.  A great example of Learn, Create, Share across curriculum areas.

Credit +Steve Ross - Waikowhai School

Book Reviews through Fake Text Messaging

Year 6, 7 and 8 students at Lake Brunner School have been writing narrative stories and creating books.  As part of their learning they are reviewing and responding to each others stories.   They have been thinking of other ways they can present and share their reviews and had a go at exploring Fake Text Messaging as a way to share their review in a different way.  Check out their example on their class blog.

Fake Text Message Generator.
Credit +Sarah Jakeaway

Winter and Summer Solstice

Year 7 and 8 students at Panmure Bridge School have been learning about the Winter and Summer Solstice.  They have created animations using Google Slides to share their learning.  This is a great example to show learners how they can use their smart searching skills to create a reference slide at the end of their slideshow that shows the websites that they have collated their information from. There are two examples shared on their class blog.

Winter and Summer Solstice by Sanujan and Joshua

Winter and Summer Solstice by Ofa and Jeremiah - these boys have used their creative thinking by using the Lions and All Blacks Supporters gear for their characters.

+Robyn Anderson

Creating Paper Planes

The Year 1 and 2 students at Ohaeawai School  have been learning all sorts about air pressure.  They have built paper planes to experiment with what happens to it using pressure from different air forces. They have used YouTube video tutorials to follow instructions on how to create a paper plane.  A small group of learners have put together their own video explaining how to make a basic paper plane.  A great example of rewindable learning.  Check out their video on their class blog.  You will read that they have also written step by step instructions as well, meeting the differing needs of different people - some who prefer to follow written instructions, some who prefer a video tutorial.

Credit - +Sarah Jane Stevenson