Creating Companies @ Lake Brunner School

Over the past two terms, Ruma J at Lake Brunner School have been taking part in the online learning site - - 'Bringing financial education to life in your class.'   As part of this learning they created a class economy.  Each learners had to establish their own companies (individually or collaboratively) that offered a service to the class or school community to earn an income.  Their companies included a variety of services such as cleaning the windows, sweeping stones, headphone cord untangling, collecting sports bins from the playground, as their teacher Sarah said 'you name it, someone does it!'  Sarah went on to explain
Once companies were established we did some learning about the different forms of advertising and the purpose of advertising. We investigated further into logos to find out what made them effective and memorable, learning more about the power of colour etc,  then they created own using whatever tool they wished-digitally or by hand. If you click on each logo it will go to their individual blog where they explain their logo.
Check out their class blog to see the logos they created and and explanation of their logo.

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