Wacky Web Tales to Support Writing

Sally Chatfield and her group of year 5 and 6 learners at Kawakawa School have been learning about parts of speech.  They used a website called 'Wacky Web Tales' to create their own wacky tales.  As the students are creating their tales they are needing to use different parts of speech - noun, verb, adjectives, plural nouns, singular nouns etc - the website gives support for students as to what each of these are.  The students have created some wacky web tales and they have been shared on their class blog through a Google Slide and links.  This blogpost shows another way of sharing student writing on the class blog other than a stream of text.  It gives the reader the opportunity to choose the writing they would like to read.  It also gives students a place where they can read all of their classmates writing from one central place.

Credit - + Sally Chatfield and her Room 2 learners

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