Falling into Space - Sharing Art Digitally

Art is part of the everydayness of creating in any learning environment.  The vibrance of art is what strikes me when I visit classrooms.  I recently visited Ruma Tahi's blog (year 5 and 6 learners) at Kaniere School and was taken by their fantastic artwork - 'Falling into Space'.  Whilst looking through their amazing artwork I realised yet again, the true value of blogging and sharing, as I said in my blog comment to them, the only way I get to see their artwork is by them sharing it on their blog.  I don't have the option (easily) of jumping on a plane and flying to the West Coast to visit their school.   It is great that Michelle, their teacher, has thought about digital ways to share their artwork.  A great process of Learn, Create, Share.  How do you share the artwork in your class?

Credit - + Michelle Phelps and the students of Ruma Tahi


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