Math Strategy Challenges

Teachers at Hay Park School have introduced math strategy challenges as part of their learning. The challenge for each student is to choose a math problem from a list and to create a multi-modal presentation about the best maths strategy that could be used to solve the problem.

Game on!

Gargee, Paris and Kanishka are Year 4 students in Setoga Class.  They have used their digital skills to create a game using Google Drawing.  You will see by checking out their game, they have also used their skills in Screencastify to explain the game and their strategy in a visual way.

You can also check out Jay's presentation that he delivered to his class and hear the feedback he was given throughout on his game.  This presentation has been shared on their class blog.

These are great examples of getting creative in math learning in designing high quality digital learning objects to share.

Credit - +Christina Fortes +Phil Margetts

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