Making Teaching and Learning Visible - An online CV

Clarelle Davis is a beginning teacher at Pt England School.  During 2016 Clarelle has been part of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy.  As part of finishing the year in the MDTA each participant had the challenge of creating a CV page to share their learning.  Clarelle has created a Google Site to make her year totally visible and accessible to others.  Clarelle has used a very multi-modal approach to share her learning and on her Google Site you can listen to videos of Clarelle introducing herself and sharing her reflections of the year.  You can follow links to both her class blog and her inquiry blog as well as check out the Google Sites she has built to support learning throughout the year.   This 'CV' is a brilliant example to share with all teachers, beginning and experienced, to provide inspiration as they move into a 1-1 digital learning environment and/or continue their journey through the pedagogy of Learn, Create, Share.

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