Student Appreciation of Rewindable Learning

This post shared on Google + by Jason Borland, a teacher from Tamaki College, shows the power of rewindable learning for students.  As you can read in the image below, Troy England received an email from another teacher who has been inspired by a student to seek support in setting up his visible site.

Malo Troy I need to learn how to screencastify after this busy week please. Helen talking to me how it helps her to learn better, being able to playback a lesson certainly has made a difference with her (and according to her others in the class). She actually showed me one of your videos. And now I understand how I need to get my site done.
This shows clear expectations that students are beginning to understand and utilise teachers visible learning sites for rewindable learning.  A great post to share with teachers as they explore the 'why' of a visible learning site.

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