No More Swearzies @ Greymouth High

Cara is the HOD of Physical Education and Health at Greymouth High, part of the Toki Pounamu cluster.  Cara and her team of teachers and learners at Grey High have been very creative in the way that they are sharing important messages through the power of movie making.  Cara has recently shared these movies in the Toki Pounamu Google + Community ensuring a wider audience can both learn and be inspired to be creative themselves.  Cara tells the story of how the 'No more Swearzies' video came about...

'The no more swearzies video was made a few years ago, using celebrity contacts staff at GHS had as part of our Positive Behaviour for Learning School Wide Approach. We had noticed that the language around the school was not very positive and used this campaign to encourage the students to stop swearing in and around the school. I re-surfaced this video as an example for my year 10 health class who are investigating health issues and planning health promotion campaigns.'

Below you can view both the 'No more swearzies' and the 'Stop a Mate from swearing' videos.  

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