Methods and Principles of Training - Secondary PE Students Create to Learn

Students at Greymouth High, part of the Toki Pounamu cluster, have worked alongside their teacher to create a digital learning object.  Their DLO shares their understanding and learning around the methods and principles of training as part of Level 3 PE.   Their teacher, Cara Sibsten kindly shared the story with me via email...

'The methods and principles of training video was created by a year 13 PE class as a revision activity for a standard where they have to apply the methods and principles of training to an individual training program that will help them train for a 10km run in October. 

This class are very new to using technology for learning so we face lots of challenges but work through them together. Firstly we did a research task about the methods and principles then got into groups where we planned what video footage we would gain to demonstrate each of these, went and collected the footage and used WeVideo or Serif Movie Plus to put them together. The students then uploaded these into Zaption and created a zaption to share with our year 10 Sport Fitness Science class to teach them about methods and principles of training.'

Through sharing their creation in the Toki Pounamu Google + Community, Cara is role modelling the importance of SHARE as well as building an authentic audience for her learners.

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