Creating to Learn as a Teacher

This animation was made by Katie Nisbett, the Bilingual class teacher at Grey Main School, in Greymouth, in the Toki Pounamu cluster.  Katie attended a Digital Tool kit where Madeline Campbell (Toki Pounamu Manaiakalani Facilitator) introduced 3 creativity tools, this being one of them: 'Stop Motion Animator' for Chrome.

Katie went home and made her own stop animation movie to ensure she knew how to use the tool creatively, as an example to model to her akonga the next day. I understand that the Tuakana in her class were inspired and started learning to use the tool first, with their Teina looking on alongside them longingly!

This is a great example of a teacher 'creating to learn' then sharing her learning, in response to professional learning that she attended - she is an excellent model of a teacher immersing herself as a learner, applying learn-create-share to her own practice.

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