Student Sharing Strategies 3.0

Students in Room 3 at Wesley Primary School (Y5/6) have been creating simple, interactive Google drawings to share multiple problem solving strategies. Collaboratively, learners were set the challenge to create a linked Google drawing with instructions and examples of how to solve a problem in maths. They constructed three sets of algorithmic solutions and two place value (chunking) outcomes. Some of the intentions and success criteria were:

-Solve a division problem

-Explain how we solved a problem

-Collaborate with a team

-Everyone has a job

-Everyone understands

-Communicate with a team

-Positive language

-Focused talk

Many groups used screencastify to rewind their learning. Some chose to link to external resources that complimented the problem and aided the solution finding process. Check out the Google drawing via this link and some of the screenshots of learning within this post.

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