Maths meets Minecraft

The innovative learners of Room 22 at Owairaka District School have applied their passion for Minecraft to their maths learning and come out with something absolutely fantastic! Tying the whole concept to the fast approaching whole-school production of "Mindcraft" (no, it's not a typo), students have been investigating the relationships between area and perimeter, wrapped around the creation of 2D Minecraft characters.

As an activity, the learners are hooked. The simplicity of design is complimented by the complexity of the mathematical concepts working alongside this new thinking.

There's a clear focus on operation and breaking the compound shapes into simpler, more manageable chunks.

Head on over to Room 22's class blog to have a look at the huge number of examples on display. Watch this space as students reflect and share their thinking and learning on their own blogs (directly linked on the right hand side).

Don't forget to leave them a comment and start a great conversation!

Credit - +Nicole Mills 

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