Times Table Song - Learn, Create, Share the 8 x table

Jaydn is a Year 7 student at Point England School.  Jaydn has been learning the 8 x table and has created a song to support their learning.  In Jaydn's blogpost he shares what he has created with Garageband and a microphone...  A great exemplar for other learners and teacher to showcase different ways of presenting learning and another way of creating a rewindable learning experience. True creativity through song.

'Hello this is my song that I have created so if you like songs and you are struggling with some of your times tables like your 8 times tables,then you should listen to this.This song is my 8 times tables song that I created ENJOY.'

Once you have listened to Jaydn's times table song it would be well worth looking at the planning process of his teacher - Rob Wiseman through his Manaiakalani Google Classroom onAir lesson plan.  This link takes you to Rob's detailed planning, a video clip of the lesson, Rob's reflections, the content shared on the class learning site as well as other examples of student learning.  

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