The Power of Movies to 'Hook In' Learners

Each term Pt England School  has a school wide theme.  The theme for term 4 is Ch, ch, ch, ch changes.  Room 9 are part of the year 4 and 5 team and together with their teaching team they are looking at science - the material world.  They are going to be 'Myth Busters' performing lots of science experiments that focus on changing states or matter - in particular looking at solids, liquids and gases.  The teaching team have had a lot of fun putting together an introduction movie to to hook their learners in and to give them an understanding of 'Myth Busters'.

Check out their class blog - a great example of how to collaborate as a team to create an introduction to a topic to motivate and engage your learners.

You can check out photos from the whole school digital immersion assembly through the class blogs below.

Laura Nalder - Room 27
Karen Belt - Room 15 
Room 15 learners - stories and artwork about the immersion assembly

Credit - Pt England School teachers

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