Planning and Evaluating NCEA Course Content with Students

Karen Ferguson is a teacher of Design and Visual Communication at Tamaki College, part of the Manaiakalani cluster in Auckland.  Karen is a very experienced teacher who has been reflecting on her teaching and learning using blogger since 2012.  Currently Karen is planning and developing her NCEA Level 2 course for next year and is focusing on improving the results for her Year 12 students.  The difference being, that Karen has asked her students to support her in the evaluating and re-designing of her course content.  This is an authentic example of a teacher listening to student voice. In the first blogpost , Karen describes the course and the discussions she has had with Level 2 students.  In her second blogpost, Karen continues the conversation and shares her focus questions for the students.

Karen's blog is an inspiration for all teachers and a great example of the Learn, Create, Share pedagogy starting with the big people!  Check out this blogpost from Dorothy Burt to read more.

"If we are to successfully implement the Learn Create Share pedagogy with the children we teach, it has to begin with the big people - the adults."

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