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On Wednesday 23rd November we welcomed participants from Northland College, Hornby High, Greymouth High, Tamaki College and Papakura High to our first ever Manaiakalani Online Secondary Connect through Google Hangout.   We were inspired by our 3 guest speakers.  +Nicola Wells+Jason Borland+Rowena Clemence, three of our Spark-Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers (MIT) who shared their stories.

Nicola, a Biology teacher at Tamaki College focused her MIT inquiry on 'Improving student outcomes in a Year 13 University Entrance subject (Biology) through visible learning'.  Nicola shared how the structure of her visible Google Site has changed over the last three years to become a highly multi-modal site to engage learners.  Nicola has also shared her teaching practice in 2016, as part of the Manaiakalani Google Class on Air.  

Jason, a PE teacher at Papakura High focused his MIT inquiry on 'Addressing the problem of NCEA underachievement in my senior classes.'  Jason began his story by sharing his initial reluctance to utilise digital technologies as a PE teacher and his lack of confidence.  When he realised the advantages digital technologies were able to provide for his students he began his journey into capturing learning to ensure rewindable, accessible learning for his students.  He now utilises his Google Site as a 'One Stop Shop' for teaching and learning.

Rowena, a visual arts teacher at Hornby High focused her MIT inquiry on 'Assess, Critique, Extend - Learn, Create, Share Visual Arts Junior Curriculum Levels.   Rowena shared her story of starting blogs with her junior visual arts students and the process of reflecting and sharing on their work. Rowena also identified her Site and Blog as a place for students to go for rewindable learning.

The Google Slides are shared below and from these you are able to access links to Nicola, Jason and Rowena's inquiry blogs and class sites.  The recording of the Google Hangout is also shared below.

We finished our Hangout with sharing our Manaiakalani Outreach vision and engaging in collaborative thinking around how we can reach this vision.  You can check out our ideas on the padlet below.

HUGE gratitude to our guest speakers for sharing their stories.  We look forward to 2017 and connecting further with our secondary school teachers.

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