Animation with Explain Everything

Karen Belt is a Year 3 teacher at Pt England School.  As part of Karen's ongoing inquiry into accelerating learning with writing, Karen has explored using animation as a way of sparking interest and enthusiasm with her learners.  In this blogpost, Karen shares the process she has worked through with her learners.  Karen reflects on how interest in their current writing topic was starting to 'wane' and how she has followed the interests of her learner to motivate.  A great example of learning in action as well as sharing the process of teaching as inquiry.

You can access links to the learners blogs to see the work via Karen's blogpost.  Here is one you may like to check out from Joseph.

Once upon a time there was a big grey castle that was in the in the middle of a forest with two trees on the side of it. There was a one rainbow at the back of it and there was a little spider in it. He tried to go on the top of the big grey castle so he can make a web on it.
Credit - +Karen Belt and her Year 3 learners

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