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Juliana Treadwell titles her blogpost - 'Creativity is intelligence having fun' a quote from Albert Einstein.  As part of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy, teachers have been immersed in creativity to support not only their learning but also the learning of their students - to be part of the 'create' process and realise the value of creating to learn as part of the everydayness of our New Zealand curriculum.

All of the MDTA teachers blogs are well worth checking out with a wealth of examples to inspire both teachers and learners.

Ashley created a stop motion movie using 708 photos - A Train Disaster - a perfect example to share with learners for inspiration.   In this blogpost, Ashley has used the concept of RSA animate to create a movie to explain her teaching as inquiry.  A great example to share with teachers who are wanting to share their teaching as inquiry process in a creative way.

Clarelle has used the simple process of drawing on a whiteboard, through animation, to explain a part of her teaching as inquiry process in a creative way.  Clarelle has used Star Wars characters in this creative animation blogpost to inspire and motivate learners around collaboration.  Both great examples of create to learn.

Steph has used iMovie to share her teaching as inquiry process and in this blogpost, Stop Motion Animation to create 'Hippo's first day at School' video.

Hannah has used Stop Motion Animation to create a movie to demonstrate the concept of working together and overcoming challenges for her learners.

Georgia created an intro into anatomy using Stop Motion Animation focusing on the major bones of the body with a skeleton created with playdough.

Heath used his lego skills to create a Stop Motion Animation for his learners around collaboration and being in the learning pit.

Chelsea created a Stop Motion Animation to support beach safety and awareness of rips.  

Latai created her Stop Motion Animation around geogaching and the learner qualities and processes needed when you find yourself stuck in the learning pit.

Please remember to leave comments for these teachers as you view their work.  Huge thanks to these MDTA teachers for reflecting and sharing through their professional blogs.

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