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This Google Site has been created by the 2016 cohort of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy. It is a perfect example of how the minds of teachers working together can create a resource collaboratively to support the learning needs across a variety of year groups.  Lessons are structured on the Manaiakalani Learn, Create, Share pedagogy.  As they have used the context of current events, it allows learners to develop critical thinking skills and perspectives across reading and social studies.

As we continue to build our understanding across the clusters, we are hoping for more opportunities for collaboration amongst teachers on building cross-curricular and cross age group sites.  This site can be an example to inspire.

Current Events
- a teaching resource -
This Site has been created by the 2016 cohort of the Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy.
We have chosen the context of Current Events lessons to be used to develop critical thinking and perspectives in Reading and Social Studies.
We have created sample lessons across a variety of age groups from six year olds to fourteen year olds.
These are structured on the Manaiakalani Learn Create Share pedagogy.
This resource is offered to our colleagues to use and repurpose, and to support this at the foot of each page the HTML of the page is available for download.  We intend to reuse the layout in future lessons and simply replace the content in the lesson.
Anne Sinclair has created a structured page to support teachers wanting to develop their expertise in promoting critical thinking here
The eleven lessons are available from the Home page of this site, or use the world map below to link to them.

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