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The Kaikohekohe cluster of schools joined the Manaiakalani Outreach programme at the beginning of 2015.   Previously 3 of the schools, Kaikohe West, Ohaeawai and Tautoro, were part of a Learning and  Change Network.  These schools worked together with a vision of transformational change for their learners, teachers, whānau and community.  Their focus was in writing and they explored how digital tools could support their focus.

Through a CORE Education internal research grant, Louise Taylor and Tania Coutts worked alongside lead teachers, teachers and learners to gather teacher, student and whānau voice on the transformational change in their community.  As introduced in the full report....

This is the story of the Kaikohekohe initiative, which involved three primary schools1 in rural Northland, New Zealand coming together to change how education happens in their communities. The initiative saw the introduction of Chromebooks for all students from years 4–8, but the story is about much more than this. It is a story about learning together, and it is powerful story of change, told primarily through the voices of students, whānau, and teachers. These voices combine to present a story of the transformation experienced by those living and learning in these Northland communities and brings to life the communities’ belief that: Learning together is empowering
Below is an abridged version of the report, in the form of a presentation that was given at a community feedback hui in Waitangi.  This presentation shows the photos of the process of gathering student voice as well as quotes from learners and teachers.

The full report can be accessed here.

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