A DP's Reflection

Simon Scott is the Deputy Principal at Hornby Primary School and started his personal blogging adventure in August last year alongside his learners.  Simon's blog was set up to capture his reflections during his time involved in the Manaiakalani Outreach programme.

In his latest blogpost, Scott reflects on the difference blogging has made for his learners.  Scott has included examples of learners comments on blogs and the strategies he has used to integrate the process of good quality blog commenting.

Perfect reading for teachers new to blogging and unpacking the 'why' as well as those continuing to develop their thinking.   Simon's blog is also a great example of Learn, Create, Share starting with the 'big people'.  You can read more about this concept on Dorothy's blog.

"If we are to successfully implement the Learn Create Share pedagogy with the children we teach, it has to begin with the big people - the adults." Dorothy Burt

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