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Designing with Tinkercad

Liam and Kobe are Year 9 studenst at Greymouth High, part of our Toki Pounamu cluster on the West Coast.  During term 4 Liam and Kobe have been learning about Robotics.  On their individual blogs Liam and Kobe have written quality blogposts sharing what they have been doing as part of their Robotics learning.  Liam and Kobe explain the learning that they needed to do, the processes they went through and reflections on their learning.  Both Liam and Kobe have used Screencastify to share their Tikercad projects where they has created a Mars Lander as part of their learning process.    Great blogposts to unpack Learn, Create, Share as part of the Digital Technologies|Hangaru Matihiko curriculum.   You can also see by watching their Screencastify videos the various curriculum links that Tinkercad crosses over.  Some incredible maths learning happening as well as problem solving, design and innovative thinking and persistence.

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